What is ShuffleHead?

Character Creator • Coloring Book • Story Generator • DJ Beat Maker

What is The ShuffleHead App?
• an interactive, perpetually mixable character maker
• a music sequencer with unlimited combinations
• an infinite word game and story generator
• an adult coloring book with an unlimited number of pictures to color

The ShuffleHead app is a creative, fun, unique, coloring-music-story app….simple, right? Each ShuffleHead is created randomly in three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Each ShuffleHead consists of 3 sections: top, middle, and bottom. 

Each ShuffleHead is divided into:
• a top image, middle image, and bottom image
• a top audio loop, middle audio loop, and bottom audio loop
• a top story line, a middle story line, and a bottom story line. 

Every ShuffleHead can be mixed seamlessly with any other ShuffleHead to create even more ShuffleHeads!

A ShufflePack contains 8 ShuffleHeads and can be combined with any other ShufflePack. Each time you add a ShufflePack to your collection, the number of combinations grows exponentially. Check out the gallery to see just a few!

The double bonus StarterPack = 16 ShuffleHeads = 4096 combinations
+ one ShufflePack (8 ShuffleHeads) = 13,824 combinations
+ one ShufflePack (8 ShuffleHeads) = 32,768 combinations…and so on!
With 13 ShufflePacks you’d get 1,404,928 different ShuffleHeads.
Add your unique coloring and the number of different ShuffleHeads grows astronomically.

We’re releasing new ShufflePacks regularly so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be kept in the loop!