ShuffleHead’s Creators


Kasumi is an artist who works in a broad range of media: directing and producing short and feature length experimental filmslive shows, VJ, and public art projection, creating looping electronic sculptures, designing motion graphics and animated gifs, producing immersive 360 virtual reality pieces and making fine art prints and wearable art  through glitch and data moshing. Her distinctive and personal style has been recognized worldwide. In 2011 she was awarded The John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for her groundbreaking experimental feature film Shockwaves.

Meet the Team

Kasumi’s vision is brought to life by Polygon Spaceship, a small studio from Cleveland, OH. When we’re not busy with creative and visualization work for B2B customers we love working on fun and exciting new apps and games.



Tony loves taco night. He’s also really great at problem solving and writing apps.



Matt once swam across a lake! His day job is designing experiences and helping create the artwork for them.


Marketing / Video

Ian is almost a professional electric skateboarder. For fun he loves creating and simulating things in 3D.